Are you looking for another reason to make the switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes and kick that smoking habit? Seasoned vapers will know that e-cigarettes provide a better experience, but they are also far more beneficial on the environment, too.

Vaping and electronic cigarettes create vapours, whereas cigarettes create smoke when they burn. Vapours have been identified to be safer than smoke, but also more environmentally friendly. There are 3 key ways that e-cigarettes are more eco-friendly than regular cigarettes. As residents of an increasingly fragile Earth, it is important to take this into account so we can vape in an environmentally responsible way.

Filter Free

One of the most obvious impacts regular cigarettes have on the environment is the disposal of waste. Cigarette butts alone cause significant marine problems across the planet, with smokers tossing them into the environment when they have finished smoking. As a result, the toxins, nicotine and heavy metals from the discarded waste seeps into the surrounding soil, impacting the quality of the land and the health of the wildlife surrounding it.

Alternatively, vaping and e-cigarettes don’t require the use of filters or butts and so reduce the amount of waste that is released into the environment.

Reusable Resources

As we mentioned previously, using cigarettes creates a lot more waste from discarded butts, packaging and disposable lighters among other materials and toxins. By switching to e-cigarettes, this level of waste is decreased using reusable and rechargeable batteries. By making use of this technology, vaping reduces waste production significantly, positively impacting the number of pollutants out in the world.

Deforestation & Tree Preservation

On average, an estimated 600 million trees are felled each year to make cigarettes. Out in nature, trees are vital for the conversion of CO2 to oxygen, which sustains the planet and all life on it. Cutting down all these trees contributes to the rise of greenhouse gases, which have a direct connection with the onset of climate change. Commercial tobacco farming alone has caused the loss and destruction of billions of hectares of rainforests and it is argued that for every 15 packs of cigarettes made, one tree is cut down. By this logic, over their lifetime, a smoker can be responsible for the loss of over 350 trees.

Vaping and e-cigarettes make use of reusable materials, such as plastics and metals, to reduce the amount of waste and conserve resources. This conservation approach dramatically helps the preservation of trees and works to slow the rate of deforestation.