Best Vaporesso Mods To Start With

When it comes to high-quality vaping products, Vaporesso will blow your mind. In the past six years, they have built themselves into a brand worth trying and at Vape Oz, we carry Vaporesso products because of their excellence. They offer high-quality vape mod kits and vaping pens for you to try, and they ensure that every single product on their shelves is subjected to extensive testing.


Their quality control ensures that you get certifications to confirm that you will only ever receive the very best in the industry. Every single Vaporesso product has gone through testing that goes above and beyond in the vaping industry. Along with exceptional quality, Vaporesso is completely committed to searching for the best design, technology and quality for each product that they offer to their customers. This is all designed to ensure the best possible vaping experience, and it’s also designed with your pleasure in mind. From the vape pen to the pod mod, Vaporesso has a range of products that will offer you exactly what you need.


Vaporesso is dedicated to establishing a world that remains smoke-free, and with this in mind, here are a few of the products by Vaporesso that you should look into trying today.

Vaporesso Gen S Ultra Kit

This Vaporesso Gen S Ultra Kit is a high powered vaping system, 100% equipped with the NRG-S Tank. This tank utilizes the GT MESHED coils and you can buy these as replacements when your original one runs out.

The Vaporesso Gen S Ultra Kit is supported through the AXON chip and the Gen S will impress with the dense vapor and the intense flavor on offer.

You can even use the Pulse Mode to enjoy that dense flavor.

The chipset is highly developed and there is a totally user friendly operating system that’s available, too. The MESHED coil is upgraded and the coil is easy to replace, making it an easy and versatile product to use.

This is just one of the popular brands currently online among the other two Vap[oresso Mods listed below. Whichever one you choose, you won’t be disappointed. You can always check out our full inventory of New vape kits whether you are starting or looking for the best vape kits to quit smoking. We have it all at our vape shop for everyone

Vaporesso Gen X Kit

Vaporesso GEN X-Kit Another Mod from the team at Vaporesso is the Vaporesso Gen X Kit. This is the very first vaping device that Vaporesso has used which combines aircraft-grade aluminium with CNC machining. Not too dissimilar from it’s other brother which is the Vaporesso Gen S Ultra kit.

There is an impressive smooth hand-feel which only makes you feel like this is a luxury option – and it is.

You can see there is a huge focus on the detail and yet the design remains a stylishly simple one! The GEN X features an AXON chip that is simply cutting edge, and it offers a superior vaping experience.

When it comes to vaping, Vaporesso is one of the leaders in vapes and starter kits and this one of them

Vaporesso SWAG PX80 Kit

Vaporesso SWAG PX80 KitThe Vaporesso SWAG PX80 KIT is a vaping kit that offers superior flavour and with the GTX coil adopted pod, you no longer have to worry about a messy coil replacement. You will have a smoother, more adjustable airflow that gives you time to vape with confidence!

The IML screen is beneath the textured cover, and you can explore more innovation in its classic appearance.

The body is compact, ergonomic and it can really level up that vaping experience of yours.

It has a replaceable coil without the need for you to empty the pod, and there is quad leakage protection which will help, too. These are just some of the Vaporesso kits available from our vape shop in Sydney located in Campbelltown but as usual, you can buy online from our online vapestore right here by just going to our vapes for sale page.

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