Vapers across the world will hold a variety of preferences with their favourite ejuice flavours, but one thing they all have in common is their concern for how well their e-liquid stores will last after opening. After all, you aren’t going to consume it all in one sitting, so what exactly is the right amount of time before your supplies expire? In this article, the team at VapeOz explores how long vape juice lasts.

Do E-juices Have an Expiration Date?

Most popular e-juices & e-liquid options will contain a range of food-based ingredients, meaning that, yes, they will expire. Shelf life will naturally depend on the product itself and its unique make-up, so it is important to carefully read the information provided before purchase and use. Once expiry occurs, you will typically notice a change in the smell, as well as density alterations where it has increased in viscosity or ‘thickness’, and perhaps even shifted to a duller colour.

Is It Safe to Vape Expired E-juices?

While many people will see the printed expiration date as more of a recommendation than a warning, it is important to understand that vaping expired e-liquid can prove dangerous. Given the food-based products we mentioned might have the conditions to turn poorly and negatively affect our health, at the very least, you will experience a significant loss in flavour, vapour and nicotine content, meaning both a reduced experience and a poor support system to help you quit cigarettes.

What is the Proper Storage for Vape ELiquid?

Think of your ejuice & e-liquid supplies like a collector would a fine wine. You want to store them in a cool, dark place that minimises exposures to heat, sunlight and any other liquids. You also want to ensure that each bottle is adequately sealed after every use. Useful life of most e-liquids is around two years, and this will not be affected by opening the bottle, as long as you maintain proper storage and minimise air exposure by sealing the lid.

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