Vape ShopLooking To Buy A New Vape MOD From A Vape Shop?

In the past, people only had one real choice: to smoke conventional tobacco products. But with the advent of vape mods and your local vape shop, that’s all changing. Now it’s possible to avoid cigarettes completely while indulging in a range of new vape-based products. No longer are smokers trapped in the real world of a no choice but to smoke habit that will eventually kill them anyway. The same as we have the local tobacconist, we now have in our communities the local vape shop

For decades people have suffered from this unforgiving and deadly habit but, no more. No longer do people or smokers have to suffer and not have a choice. For the ones that can’t quit, they now have a choice. With the introduction of vaping and vape shops, no longer does anyone have to inhale noxious deadly toxins that contain even poison such as rat killer purely for the pleasure of smoking.

Why Is Vaping So Popular?

Over the past few years, the popularity of vaping exploded. People switched from conventional tobacco en masse, preferring steam-based methods of inhalation to regular smoke.


Benefits To Vaping As Opposed To Smoking

Smoking Is Far More Dangerous Than Vaping

  • There are plenty of health authority figures in the UK and US such as the The British Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England, and American National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to prove that vaping is far safer than smoking. Clearly stated, vaping is about 95 percent less harmful than smoking. That is a huge difference. The reason for this? Simple…no smoke that contains carcinogens or tar and gases like carbon monoxide which all lead to long term health damage. Everyone knows only some of the health benefits of quitting smoking like better lung and heart function as well a better taste and sense of smell.


  • No noxious odours: Quitting smoking has huge benefits, especially when you can escape the stitch of noxious odours. One huge gain from no more noxious odours means no more smell of tobacco o smoke on your clothes, in your car or anywhere else. Vaping has a pleasant aroma based on the flavours you choose, such as menthol flavours, fruit flavours drink flavours and a huge range of vapour flavours but it’s a long way from the smell of stale smoke and cigarette butts. When you look at it, not even the tobacco flavours smell anything as noxious as actual tobacco smoke. To most people, the smell of vapour is actually quite pleasant . So what is the push behind all this ? Put simply, the introduction of vaping and mods or e-pens are altering the opinions of how smokers should start changing their habits, which is primarily responsible. In the past, the only real way of consuming nicotine was to light up a cigarette and just smoke. But since the introduction of e-liquids and nicotine-rich products, that’s no longer the only option of absorbing or consuming nicotine. Vapes are allowing people to experiment with a range of flavours and aroma sensations that would not ever be possible with smoking. Smoking is only ever one flavour

Other Advantages Of Vaping

  1. Full Control Over Nicotine Intake
  2. Full Control Over Vapor Output
  3. Vapour Flavors For Every Palate
  4. Instant Satisfaction
  5. Price Points For Every Wallet

New Mods And Vape Pens For Sale Online

When it comes to Mods, new vape mods and starter kits, e-cig pens are coming out all the time onto the market all the time. These pen-like objects mimic the shape and feel of cigarettes in the hand, making them extremely popular among ex-smokers. They’re also becoming a favourite among people who have never smoked in their lives because of the variety and interest they provide. Unlike regular cigarettes which all taste approximately the same, vapes come in hundreds of flavours. If you want to get more involved, you can even move up to MODS which come with an array of added features and extras

Local Vape Shop And E-Cigarettes

With the introduction of electronic cigarettes, E-Cigarettes over the last decade have boomed. E-cigarettes, though, aren’t new. Early iterations made their first appearances in Western markets back in the 1990s. However, advances in technology are making them more acceptable. For instance, it used to be the case that high nicotine vapes would leave the back of the throat feeling sore. But advances in nicotine salts are changing that, improving the comfort of the experience. New e-cigarettes are also cutting back on the huge clouds of smoke created by previous-generation devices, making them more discreet.

Meeting The Demands Of X Smokers And Vapers

Vape shops are meeting the new demand for X smokers by stocking all the latest MODS devices, e-liquids, spares and other starter kits for anyone looking to quit smoking or even start vaping as it is a very socially enjoyed leisure.

Online Vape Shops

Online Vape Shops are making it easy for customers to get the equipment that they need to take up vaping. Plus, they are providing a lot of helpful information on how to operate products. Many vapour shops are becoming educational hubs for customers, discussing the various methods of vaping and how it differs from regular cigarettes. If you would like further information on how vaping can help you quit the daily habit of smoking and would like assistance, please call us on (02) 9159 1054 and we’ll everything we can to give the most pleasure out of vaping.