POD Kit – What is a POD System?

POD Kit – What is a POD System? – The first modern e-cig, or vape, was invented in the mid-2000s and started out similar to a cigarette. Since then, these cig-a-like involved into vape pens and box mod kits that are typically more bulky, offered in a variety of styles and power functionalities. Lately, pod system have emerged from the vape industry, garnering more and more popularity as major manufacturers are expanding and refining their products and technology. If vaping is new to you, you may ask, “What exactly is a pod system?” Read on and let’s break it down.


What is a Pod System? What does Pod mean?

According to Oxford’s Dictionary, a pod is a detachable or self-contained unit. A pod system gets its name from having a removable container to hold the eJuice and is usually paired with a replaceable coil inside. The pod is attached to the body, or the battery portion of the system, to fire the coil within the pod vaporise the eJuice within. A pod system can come in a variety of shape, inspired by a vape pen shape or in any other types of design for ergonomic portability reasons. There are two main types of pod systems, “Open” and “Closed”. To see the full collection, discover a comprehensive list of Pod System at VapeOz.


smok mico pod vape kit black VapeOz

Pictured Here – Smok Mico POD System (Black)


Closed System Vape

Non-refillable device with the most popular and recognisable option would be JUUL. Similar to JUUL, an vaper only needs to order pre-filled pods, containing the juice and coil. Once it is empty, the pods can be thrown out and disposed of when replacing the closed system pods. Other popular option includes products from well-known companies such as Vuse, NJOY, Blu, KILO, PHIX, and more. Due to the laws in Australia prohibiting the sale of liquid nicotine these units have to be order overseas. In the USA recent Federal regulation, flavoured pre-filled pods will not be available for sale with the exception of Tobacco and Menthol flavors.


JUUL POD System VapeOz

Pictured Here – JUUL POD System


Open Pod System

A refillable pod option. Open pod systems are not pre-filled but come packaged empty. They feature a fill port, allowing users to fill any juice that suits their preference. Most of the time, pods will be secured by a silicone stopper or top-fill with some sort of mechanism, removing only to refill the juice when empty. Some open systems facilitate coil removals and changes, saving additional cost by eliminating the need to purchase replacement pods but rather a set of changeable coils. This results in reducing waste and can be a more frugal decision.


uwell caliburn pod replacement VapeOz

Pictured Here – Uwell Caliburn POD Replacement


geek vape aegis boost pod replacement Coil Out VapeOz

Pictured Here – Geek Vape Aegis Boost POD &  Coil Replacement



Open System vs Closed System

Choosing the right pod system for you is an important first step, so let’s go over the advantages for each side.

Closed Systems:
Pro – Convenient and Easy
Pro – No Need to Fill/Refill – When empty, swap them out
Con – Limited eJuice Capacity
Con – Purchase from oversea’s like the USA

Con – Lack of Juice Options
Con – More Waste
Con – Typically More Expensive

Open System:
Pro – Cheaper Juice
Pro – More Juice Variety and Options
Pro – Buy your eLiquid onshore in Australia

Pro – Less Waste
Pro – Typically More Affordable
Con – More Complex – Refilling pods can become messy
Con – More Maintenance