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Looking for a Australian Wall plug & USB Lead?

VapeOz is one of the best vape shops online in Sydney Australia when you need anything with vaping. Located in Campbelltown 2560, we sell online vape batteries and Australian Wall plug & USB Leads not just in Macarthur, but all over Australia with a massive range of vapor mods and batteries for you to choose from. VapeOz has all the big names SMOK, Vaporesso, Geek Vape, UWell, Voopoo, OBS, Kangertech, Freemax, Dovpo, AWT, Sony, LG & Samsung to name some.

Vape Battery & Charger FAQs

Feeling confused with which one is right for your device or how to install it the right way? No sweat, customers like you ask these same questions each day. Below you’ll find answers to each of the most common ones and our live chat is always happy to help too.

What is an 18650 Battery?

An 18650 is a lithium-ion battery size that is commonly used in vaping. The number 18650 refers the millimeters wide and long (18mm wide and 65.0mm long). You can find out if your mod takes 18650s by looking at your mod’s specifications in the manual or checking out the product page on the website.

How to Charge a Vape Battery?

The best way to charge them is through an external charger. Using a USB connection can cause damage which is why it is not recommended.

To charge:

Place it on the charger with the negative side (the flat side) on the spring loaded connection
Pull back the connection and place it in the sled
Wait until the it is fully charged then take off the charger
What is the Best Vape Battery?
An industry favorite is the Samsung 25R 18650s but the best one is the one that fits your needs!

When looking for one, pay attention to:

mAh – How long it will stay charged
AMPs – The power output for a short timespan
CDR (Continuous Discharge Rating) – the power output over a long time span
The cell size – this will tell you if it will fit in your mod
How long do they take to charge?
Typically, vape batteries only take 2-6 hours to charge. This also depends on the voltage output on your charger which can often be adjusted.

How Often Do I Need to Replace a it?

Vape batteries last about 300 re-charges. You will notice the life diminish when it’s almost time to switch to a new one. Not letting them fully discharge between charges will diminish the life expectancy of the battery.

How Much do Vape Batteries Cost?

They cost $11-$19 dollars a piece depending on the size, specifications, and brand.

Where is it Located and How do I Change It?

It is located inside your mod and is able to be removed by opening the battery door. To change it just pop them out and replace with some freshly charged ones.

Do Vape Pen Batteries Get Replaced?

Yes. Vape pen batteries, like every rechargeable cell, has a limited lifespan. Vape pens have roughly the same longevity of an external cell which is about 300 re-charges.

Which Size Do I Need?

The size of the battery required for you mod can be easily found in your user manual or on the product description of the site you bought the mod from. The sizes range from 18650 (18mm wide x 65.0mm long) to 20700 (20mm wide x 70.0 mm long) & 21700 (21.2mm wide x 70.05 mm long)

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