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VapeOz is one of the best vape shops online in Sydney Australia when you need anything with vaping. Located in Campbelltown 2560, we sell  online vape mods and batteries not just in Macarthur, but all over Australia with a massive range of vape products including FreeMax Kits. Discover the highest quality vapes and e-cigs from popular brands such as SMOK, Vaporesso, Geek Vape, UWell, Voopoo, OBS, Kangertech, & Freemax. Our complete vape kits are comprised of everything you’ll need to get started. Whether you’re beginning your vaping journey or simply looking for an upgraded e-cig, within our range of over 70 vape kits you’ll be able find the ideal device to suit your level and style of vaping, including pen style e-cigarettes, mouth to lung pod and sub-ohm box.

Types of e-cigarettes

When you first start out with vaping, the amount of vape kits available to you can be daunting. Vaping has come along away over the last few years, and with advancements in technology more and more types of vape kits are being introduced. 

Vape pens

One variety of e-cigarette, named that way due to their pen shape they are generally slim in design and easy to use. Powered by an in-built battery, vape pens have a tank which is filled with e-liquid and a mouthpiece with a one button design for turning the device on and off and firing to vape.

Pod mod kits

A simple set up mouth to lung device, Pod Kits are super compact and user friendly. Packing in way more power than disposable e-cigs. Pod Kits are designed to closely replicate the sensation of smoking, they generally feature no fire button and all you need to do is draw from the mouthpiece. Pod Mods are available in either open or closed systems. Open (or refillable) pods allow you to fill them with your chosen liquid, while a closed pod is utilise a pre-filled pod.

Sub ohm box mod kits

Bulkier and solidly built, sub ohm kits will offer more power than either pods or pen kits. Ideal for more experienced vapers, vape box mod kits will provide the vaper with bigger clouds and smoother flavour. Packed with plenty of features and offering variable voltage and wattage for a truly personalised vaping experience.

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