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AJ Vape EJuice 50ml


Ingredients: VG, PG, natural and artificial flavours. Does not contain nicotine
Mixed and bottled in Malaysia.


AJ Vape EJuice 50ml

AJ Vape EJuice 50ml – Fruity flavours, anyone? Better still, add a dash of minty ice in there, and you have perfect all-day e-cig juice. AJ Vape is the brand everyone is talking about, thanks to their highly popular line of fruity and minted juice flavours.

The Malaysian company is one of a kind. It has wowed Australian vapers and the rest of the world as well with incredibly flavourful and quality vape liquids. While most vapers distrust products from the country, AJ vape e-liquid has risen above the rest by giving us some genuinely high-quality and delicious flavours. No clogged coils, no residue, and no irritating aftertaste.


Double Apple

Double Apple plays a beautiful part the hookah tradition of mixing apple fruits. Taste the satisfying smooth flavour of Aj Vape paired with juicy red and green apples with this refreshing E-liquid. Immerse your taste-buds in a vape liquid flavour they have never experienced before!



Sets the standard for quality, vaping intensity and fabulous flavours. Perhaps no flavour is more fabulous than our Aj Vape Grape E-Juice. The best grape e-liquid and we say that with intense pride. The delicious, juiciness of luscious grape juice and a mouth-watering extreme vape experience.


Mango Blackcurrant

While it may be a mango flavour, AJ Vape Mango Blackcurrant is not just any old mango flavour. It’s one of the most sought after mango-flavoured vape juices worldwide.
A well-balanced mix of mango and blackcurrant, this juice by AJ Vape will knock the socks off anyone who likes fruity and cold flavours.


Peach Lemon

Peach Lemon by AJ Vape is exactly what you think. It has an intense combination of sweet and citrus that will leave you stunned.


Pineapple Pomboost

When you think pineapples, you think palm trees, hula, and waves crashing on the beach. Of course you also think of the refreshingly sweet blast of flavour. Well, Aj Vape Pomboost Pineapple E-Juice brings you that flavour along with our trademark spectacular vaping.


Triple Two

AJ Vape Triple Two is a must-try Malaysian e-liquid. It’s unique blend of mixed fruits flavour, coupled with menthol to give you an extremely refreshing draw. It’s perfect for hot and sunny weather!



Ratio: 50VG / 50PG
Bottle Size: 50ml
Brand: AJ Vape EJuice Range
Nicotine: 0mg

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Double Apple, Grape, Mango Blackcurrant, Peach Lemon, Pineapple Pomboost, Triple Two


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