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Ingredients: VG, PG, natural and artificial flavours. Does not contain nicotine



Bad Drip Labs EJuice

The Bad Drip Labs thinks outside the box when it comes to designing flavours. Their unique persona, and distinct flavour profile has earned them the trust of vapers across the globe. Each flavour under the flag of Bad Drip Labs not only has a great flavour but has a great art and persona to it. Such close attention to every detail and unique collection of flavour makes them a must try for all vaping enthusiast. The bad Drip labs has some stunning flavours in form of bad blood and bad butter that are testament to its quality and uniqueness. The quality of ingredients is another aspect that would make you fall in love with it. If you wish to unleash your funky side then there is no better option for you than Bad Drip Labs flavours. Bad Drip Labs has a great flavour profile that every vaper should explore.

 E-Juice online from one of the best online Vapor shops in Australia ? Have you tried the E-Cigarette flavours from Bad Drip Labs EJuice –  made by NY based company.


Don’t Care Bear

Great gooey globs of gluey goopy gummy guts, mutilated melon meat, pulverized puke pear and peach.

God nectar 

One made by the gods, this amazing Passionfruit, orange, and mango mix is one bound to get you on your knee’s.

Ugly Butter

Uncle Freddy’s famous fried dough showered with cinnamon sugar serenaded with quality banana pudding.

Farleys Gnarly Sauce

A juicy punch of Tangy kiwi and soulful strawberries dipped in bubblegum nectar.

Bad Blood

Crystal blueberry persuasion spattered with the blood of pomegranate, hit off with a trace of vanilla dusting.

Bad Apple 

Apples & Apples & Apples & Apples……. annnnd Apple. 

Cereal Trip 

Fruit cereal slathered on top of a frosted doughnut drowning in rich sweet tasty sugar.

Don’t care bear ICED OUT 

Gummy, melony, peary, peachy goodness with a added menthol!

Farley’s Gnarly Sauce ICED OUT

Kiwi, strawberry, bubblegum, plus menthol!

Clown Liquids – Sweet Tooth

The Ringmaster’s addiction…circus spun cotton candy, spattered with candied razzberry nightmare nectar.



Ratio: 75VG / 25PG
Bottle Size: 60ml bottle
Bottle Type: Chubby Gorilla
Brand: Bad Drip Labs


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Currently it is illegal to sell nicotine in Australia. The only way for Australian Citizens to legally purchase nicotine is by purchasing from overseas sellers (maximum 3 month supply at a time).
We have partnered up with Mixology in New Zealand for all your unflavoured nicotine requirements. Click on this link Unflavoured Nicotine to link directly Mixology website. See our Nicotine Info page for more details.


Warranty & Return:

No return or refund on any liquids.



VapeOz does not distribute juice with nicotine from inside Australia
Australian law prohibits the sale of liquid nicotine (e-liquid) from within Australia.

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Iced out Farley's Gnarly Sauce, Iced out Don't Care Bear, Cereal Trip, Bad Apple, Bad Blood, Farley's Gnarly Sauce, Ugly Butter, God Nectar, Don't Care Bear, Sweet Tooth


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