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Eleaf HW Coils




Eleaf HW Coils


VapeOz are known to be one of the best vape shops in Australia purely because of the huge range of vape mods and accessories that we sell, including Eleaf coils. Eleaf HW Coils 5pkt – Eleaf has garnered worldwide appeal and recognition for consistently producing great products that truly know how to perform. With their new Ello Duro Tank, the performance is seriously astounding. Much of this is due to the specialised, innovative Eleaf HW Coils. Made precisely for creating the finest level of power with the Eleaf Ello Duro Tank, two highly advanced coils are available: the HW1, HW2, HW-M2 Coil and the HW-N Coil.

The HW-M2 Coil features 0.2 ohm with a multi-hole design, delivering in the range of 60 – 70 watts while producing massive vapor and offering great flavour from your favourite ejuice. The Kanthal HW-N Coil features a 0.2 ohm net coil design with a perforated mesh layer, able to deliver in the range of 40 – 90 watts with exceptional flavour and vapor abilities.
These coils are as innovative as it gets; they power up the experience while delivering the action.


Eleaf HW Coils Features and Specs:

HW1 0.2 ohm Coil
Single Parallel Coil
40 to 80W – Best 50-65W

HW2 0.3 ohm Coil
Dual Parallel Coil
30 to 70W – Best 45-60W

HW4 0.3 ohm Coil
Quad Parallel Coil
40 to 110W – Best 60-80W

HW-N 0.2 ohm Coil
50 to 130W – Best 70-80W
Net Coil

HW-M 0.15 ohm Coil
50 to 100W – Best 70-80W
Mesh Coil

HW-M2 0.2 ohm Coil
40 to 90W – Best 60-70W
Mesh Coil

HW-T 0.2 ohm Coil
40 to 90W – Best 60-70W
Rotor Mesh Coil


In The Box:

5x Eleaf HW Replacement Coils / 3x Eleaf HW-T Replacement Coils


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This product is for advanced user only!

Warning: These coils are Sub-Ohm resistance and only work on mechanical mod or devices that can handle Sub-Ohm resistance of 0.5ohm or lower.
Please make sure you have a great understanding and technical knowledge on how to use mods and batteries that can handle Sub-Ohm coils.
Do not use short or flat 510 connection on any hybrid or hybrid style device.
If you are not familiar or unsure of particular products or set-ups, please do not use it. Always use proper precautions and handling.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

HW1 – 0.2, HW2 – 0.3, HW4 – 0.3, HW-M – 0.15, HW-M2 – 0.2, HW-T – 0.2, HW-T2 – 0.2


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