Final Fantasy eJuice is here and is ready to knock out the competition, Are you looking for a Strong tasty punchy eJuice that will give you a great throat hit as well as amazing flavour? 

Look no further my friend, Final Fantasy eJuice will tick all your boxes.

With a massive fruity range that comes with enough ice to take you to artic circle, there is sure to be a eJuice here for everyone. 

Blueberry –

Who doesnt love a delicious blueberry flavour. The perfect blend of sweet and sour just like a handful of fresh berries with a Icy hit!

Grape –

Sweet juicy ripe black grapes blended together with Ice to give you a sweet refreshing inhale and a cool icy exhale.

Honeydew –

Ripe delicious lush Honeydew melons smashed together with Icy to give you a tasty easy all day vape that will have you ordering double bottles each visit ;)

Mango –

Fizzy Mango drinks are too easy to drink, just like this eJuice is so easy to vape, Leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. 

Orange – 

Sweet fresh mandarin and bright juicy oranges paired together to give you a mellow sweet blend rather than a tnagy citrus hit, with that Icy throat hit we love! 

Pineapple –

Tangy sweet juicy pineapples blended with smooth Ice will have you going back for more and more!

Ratio: 70VG / 30PG
Brand: Final Fantasy
Size: 100mL Gorilla Bottle
Nicotine: 0mg