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Geek Vape Coils Prebuilt


8x coils


Geek Vape Coils Prebuilt – 8pcs

Geek Vape Coils Prebuilt – Buy your Geek vape coils from the best online vape shop in Australia. Geek Vape Coils 2 in 1 – 8pcs – Geek Vape introduces a range of Prebuilt Coils for the customers who do not have the time for building coils. You can buy 5 different ready made coils. The Geek Vape prebuilt coils are convenient for those who find coil building boring. These coils offer an outstanding flavor intensity with vast vapor production.

Using prebuilt coils is the best way to avoid tedious time-consuming work of coiling. This is where the Geek Vape prebuilt coils comes in to provide the convenience for re-builders who may not in the mood of wrapping your coils by hand at times. Geek Vape prebuilt coils can eliminate the hassle with its machine-accurate fine work, offering remarkable flavor intensity and immense vapor production.

Geek Vape coil collection contains 2 variations, all in 8pcs/tube packaging:


Coil Features & Specs:

8pcs GeekVape Framed Staple Twisted Coil 2 In 1 F202
8pcs GeekVape N80 Fused Clapton Coil 2 In 1 F203
8pcs GeekVape Framed Staple Clapton Coil 2 In 1 F204
8pcs GeekVape N90 Fused Clapton Coil 2 in 1 F207
8pcs GeekVape MTL Fused Clapton Coil 2 in 1 F208
8pcs GeekVape Multi Strand Fused Clapton Coil 2 in 1 F209


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Weight 0.075 kg

Framed Staple Twisted F202, N80 Fused Clapton F203, Framed Staple Clapton F204, N90 Fused Clapton F207, MTL Fused Clapton F208, Multi Strand Fused Clapton F209


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