IVG Team 120 EJuice


Ingredients: VG, PG, natural and artificial flavours. Does not contain nicotine
Mixed and bottled in UK


IVG Team 120 EJuice Flavours


Heard of IVG ? VapOz, the leading Vape shop online once again brings you some great EJuice flavours from IVG. IVG Team 120 EJuice short fill has been tasted by millions of people around of world, in over 60 countries and across 6 continents, vape I VG, which has been around since 2016.
The brand started in the United Kingdom as a side investment project by a CEO of a law firm. Now we’re one of the world’s leading brands offering a wide range of Premium E-liquids to our customers, and we ship hundreds of thousands of products every month worldwide.


What Are Some Of These EJuice Flavours ?



Apple & Raspberry

This pairing takes the crunchy bite of red apples pressed with the tanginess of ripe raspberries.


Blackcurrant Lemonade

Blackberry flavour is present with dark and sweet notes, combined with a fizzy lemonade and topped off with a cool wave of low mint.


Exotic Mango

Handpicked varieties of sweet and sour mangoes blended together to create a juicy, refreshing yet crisp all day vape.


Fantasy Lemon

A classic lemon style iced spritzer to create an all-day vape, paired with the amazing aroma of Sicilian lemons, all backed with a cold throat hit.


Pink Guava

Bringing to you the goodness of ripe guavas backed with a jolt of tang that would let you experience this exotic fruit in all its mouth-watering glory.


Vanilla Muffin

Moist, light and fluffy cupcakes with lashings of cinnamon and vanilla flavoured frosting finished off with sweet custard notes.


Ratio: 70VG / 30PG
Bottle Size: 100ml in 120ml
Brand: IVG Team 120 EJuice
Nicotine: 0mg


Currently it is illegal to sell nicotine in Australia. The only way for Australian Citizens to legally purchase nicotine is by purchasing from overseas sellers (maximum 3 month supply at a time).
We have partnered up with Mixology in New Zealand for all your unflavoured nicotine requirements. Click on this link Unflavoured Nicotine to link directly Mixology website. See our Nicotine Info page for more details.

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Warranty & Return:

No return or refund on any liquids.



VapeOz does not distribute juice with nicotine from inside Australia
Australian law prohibits the sale of liquid nicotine (e-liquid) from within Australia.


Apple & Raspberry, Blackcurrant & Lemonade, Exotic Mango, Fantasy Lemon, Pink Guava, Vanilla Muffin

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