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Ingredients: VG, PG, natural and artificial flavours. Does not contain nicotine


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Looking to buy Mount Baker Vapor Ejuice online ? We sell a huge range of Vape EJuice products online. When you buy Mount Baker Vapor EJuice, a premium e-juice, you’re buying American. They highest quality, finest ingredients, from the United States for all their e-liquids, which means we can make sure that they are all diacetyl free and bursting with as much flavour as we can pack in. Because our supplies are so fresh, its advised that you let the juice steep a little before you use it, giving the tastes some time to breathe and oxidise.

5 Different sizes – 10ml, 30ml, 50ml shorf fill in 60ml Chubby, 110ml short fill in a 120ml Chubby & 250ml
Please note: the 250ml don’t have pour nozzles.

It is a 50PG/50VG or maximum VG mix


Flavour Variations Available From Mount Baker Vapor Ejuice


American Tobacco
Complex and aromatic rendition of a sweetly rich and robust tobacco vape.

Apple Rings
Superb blend of sweet apples and sour candy that will bring you back to the days of eating the apple rings candy.

Arctic Heat
A deliciously balanced vape, with an invigorating blend of spicy cinnamon and cool menthol, creating a refreshing mixture of hot and cold.

Sweet, light, and fruity, this Banana e-juice is a delicious flavour to vape on its own. Maximise the flavour by mixing in your favourite fruity or creamy flavours.

Banana Nut Bread
Rich dessert vape with notes of banana and nuts, and undertones of sweet bread.

Beast Treats
Feed the beast! A rainbow-blast of fruit on the inhale, and a ferocious cloud of candy sweetness on the exhale.

Berry Creamy
A fresh and delicious, sweet and sour berry blend combines with rich, sweet cream in this delectable Berry Creamy e-juice.

Berry Crunch Cereal
Scrumptious blend of sweet and tart berries with creamy breakfast cereal flavour. All hands-on deck! Set sail for the Isle of Flavour

Blue Moo
Blueberry battles the infamous muffin cream monster and makes a spectacular vape! With notes of fresh blueberries and sweet creamy pastries, this dessert flavour is perfect
for any vaper.

This is the perfect e-juice for those out there looking for that classic Butterscotch taste. Delight your senses with this deliciously sweet and rich butter cream vape.

Caramel Candy
Get hooked on this unbelievably delicious Caramel Candy e-juice. Providing the ideal balance of sweet and slightly salty, caramel flavour, Caramel Candy will have you craving more.

Caramel Latte
Rich espresso. Sweet caramel. Heavenly cream. Don’t let the ingredients fool you. Caramel Latte is the vape of masterminds with no time to lose.

Carnival Apple
Crisp Granny Smith apple slathered in candied caramel. Enjoy your favourite carnival treat, without the carney.

Cinnamon Roll
Try this old classic. Cinnamon Roll is a deliciously sweet dessert vape, with a perfect blend of cinnamon and frosting.

Cinnatoast Munch
Captures the delectable flavour of everyone’s favourite breakfast cereal. With a hint of vanilla for an extra wash of sweetness, Cinnatoast Munch pairs well with a hot cup of coffee or as a satisfying after-dinner treat!

Demon Energy
Sweet, sour and full of refreshing citrus flavour, this Demon Energy e-juice is a light and delightfully fruity vape.

Devil’s Food Cake
Give in to temptation! This decadent classic brings chocolate cake to a sinful new level.

Ecto Cooler
For the vapor who definitely “ain’t afraid of no ghost!” Ecto Cooler is a sweet and tangy citrus vape, with hints of orange, tangerine and sweet and sour candy.

Forestberry Fusion
Get in touch with your inner forager with this stirring blend of berry tartness and dessert sweetness.

Freckled Lemonade
Is it hot out? Refresh your vape with our Freckled Lemonade. Lemonade with a hint of strawberry.

Fruity Hoops
With a myriad of fruit flavours all packed into one e-juice, Fruity Hoops is one of our more deliciously complex flavours. Fruity Hoops e-juice is a delectably sweet and fruity vape, sure to delight any vaper.

Green Apple
This flavouring perfectly captures that deliciously sweet and sour, crisp and refreshing taste of a fresh green apple.


Honey Berries
Combination of our most heavenly fruity flavours and the decadence of honey, making it the perfect choice for a dessert vape.

Huckleberry Ice Cream
Take your taste buds to the mountaintops with this creamy blend of mountain huckleberries and vanilla ice cream! Perfect for a reclusive alpine getaway or a high-elevation hike.

Hug Juice
Have you ever tried Thug Juice and loved everything about it, except the menthol? Then this e-juice is for you! Hug Juice is a wonderfully fruity blend of deliciously tart berries and mouth-watering melons.

Juicy Cube
The candy flavour from your grandma’s outstretched hand to your lungs! This hard-candy flavour is a delicate ballet of fruity, tart, and sweet.

Lemon Meringue Pie
An old-fashioned treat with flaky crust, tart lemon filling, and heavenly meringue.

Maui Sunrise
Powerfully tasty tropical fruit blend that inspires visions of palm trees, warm summer breezes, and cocktail umbrellas.

Moo Juice
Decadent blend of sweet strawberries and smooth cream.

Peach Rings
Love sour candy? So, do we! A new take on a classic sugary and sour peach candy.

Peanut Butter
Delight in that creamy peanut flavour with this Peanut Butter e-juice

A vape of Raspberry will have you picturing lush fields of fragrant raspberries. Enjoy this delectably sweet and fresh vape on its own, or mix in your favourite fruit or mint flavours to give it that extra kick.

A deliciously complex and full flavoured fruity blend. A flavour worthy of any fruit vaper, Spurburry is sure to become one of your favourites.

Sticky Bun
What could be better that taking a freshly baked cinnamon roll and drizzling savory caramel on top? Perfectly combining spicy cinnamon, sweet frosting and delicious caramel, Sticky Bun is a must have for any vaper.

Fresh banana and sweet strawberry flavouring come together in this deliciously fruity and refreshing vape.

Strawberry Kiwi
Full flavoured and fruity vape, combining the tart and sour flavour of kiwis and the succulent flavour of strawberries.

Strawberry Shortcake
Fresh strawberries, heavy whipping cream and fluffy cake flavours come together in this deliciously irresistible Strawberry Shortcake vape.

Thug Juice
A blend of berries and melon with a cool menthol finish. Perfect for those who like sweet fruit with a hint of a menthol finish!

Vanilla Tobacco
A enticingly light and sweet tobacco vape, excellent for those who are looking for that perfect balance of aromatic tobacco and sweet vanilla.

Zebra Strip Gum
Enjoy the deliciously sweet and full fruity flavour of Zebra Stripe Gum. Vape on it all day and see that the traditional 5 second flavour loss is a thing of the past. If you want to buy Ejuice online or particularly Mount Baker EJuice, buy online for VapeOz. We know everything Vapes


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Currently it is illegal to sell nicotine in Australia. The only way for Australian Citizens to legally purchase nicotine is by purchasing from overseas sellers (maximum 3 month supply at a time).
We have partnered up with Mixology in New Zealand for all your unflavoured nicotine requirements. Click on this link Unflavoured Nicotine to link directly Mixology website. See our Nicotine Info page for more details.


Warranty & Return:

No return or refund on any liquids.



VapeOz does not distribute juice with nicotine from inside Australia
Australian law prohibits the sale of liquid nicotine (e-liquid) from within Australia.

Weight0.05 kg

10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 110ml, 250ml


50/50, Max VG


American Tobacco, Apple Rings, Arctic Heat, Banana, Banana Nut Bread, Beast Treats, Berry Creamy, Berry Crunch Cereal, Blue Moo, Butterscotch, Caramel Candy, Caramel Latte, Carnival Apple, Cinnamon Roll, Cinnatoast Munch, Demon Energy, Devils Food Cake, Ecto Cooler, Forestberry Fusion, Freckled Lemonade, Fruity Hoops, Green Apple, Honey Berries, Huckleberry Ice Cream, Hug Juice, Juicy Cube, Lemon Meringue, Maui Sunrise, Moo Juice, Peach Rings, Peanut Butter, Raspberry, Spurburry, Sticky Bun, Strawbana, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Shortcake, Thug Juice, Vanilla Tobacco, Zebra Stripe Gum

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