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Naked 100 Ejuice 60ml


Ingredients: VG, PG, natural and artificial flavours. Does not contain nicotine
Mixed and bottled in USA.


E-Juice Flavours Online By Naked 100 EJuice

Naked 100 Ejuice 60ml – Our Australian online vape shop is one of the largest suppliers of online E-Liquids and one of those flavours you can buy online is Naked 100 EJuice. Naked 100 Ejuice 60ml mix the best ingredients to achieve the ultimate blends. From sweet to tart and even rich tobacco, there’s a flavor for every taste. Experience Naked 100 and taste what’s possible.

Naked is changing the names we all know; bottles supplied could have a mix of the old and new names depending on stock


All Melon

A fusion of refreshing watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew to showcase the ripe, juicy, and tantalizing flavour notes that showcase the finest melon virtues.


American Patriots

Delivering the same flavour experience from a red pack of analogue cigarettes that made the American Cowboy famous.


Azul Berries

A smooth vanilla cream with a lovely touch of blueberry to jazz it all up.


Banana / Go Nanas

Go Nanas serves up a creamy base with banana slices that cascade its flavour long into your vape session.


Euro Gold

Light body tobacco blend, smoothest of all the tobacco vapes.


Lemon / Green Lemon

A truly stimulating base of refreshing lime infused with lemon for an ultimate blend of sweet and sour. (formerly Sour Sweets)


Hawaiian Pog

An exquisite composition, formulates with aromatic passion fruit, juicy orange squeeze, and exotic guava.


Lava Flow

Fuses sweet and rich strawberries with two island staples: refreshing coconut and the tang of pineapples.


Mango / Amazing Mango

Sensational composition, formulates with juice tropical mango intermix with a luscious Peach infused cream.


Maui Sun

A scorching combination of citrus flavours that combines pineapple with oranges and tangerines.


Melon Kiwi / Green Blast

Combining the smooth and subtle sweetness of honeydew, the crisp juicy tartness of granny smith apples, and finishing with the bright, creamy, and zesty notes of kiwi.


Peach / Peachy Peach

Peach blends luscious mango with a familiar tartness in apricot, and finally mixed into peaches. The end result is a flavor explosion that rotates and evolves from one puff to the next!


Pineapple Berry / Berry Lush

A blend of strawberry and pineapples mixed with milk and cream.


Really Berry

The ultimate refreshers with an exhilarating fusion of blueberries combined with the sophistication of blackberries and fresh hints of lemon sugar drizzle. (formerly Berry Belts)


Straw Lime

The amazing combination of berries paired into a gummy flavour base by Naked 100 Candy is as close as you’ll get to these candies in vape form. (formerly Very Berry)


Strawberry / Triple Strawberry

A thirst-quenching blend of strawberry bubblegum, with a luscious strawberry infused nicely into the expected bubble gum for a vape unlike any other. (formerly Yummy Gum)


Strawberry Cream / Naked Unicorn

Delicious blend of sweet cream layered with a mouth-watering assortment of sweet and tangy strawberries.


Strawberry POM / Brain Freeze

A combination of sweet strawberries, slight tartness of Kiwi, and exotic ruby red pomegranates for a mouth-quenching sensation.



Ratio: 70VG / 30PG
Bottle Size: 60ml bottle
Brand: Naked 100 – 60ml
Nicotine: 0mg


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Currently it is illegal to sell nicotine in Australia. The only way for Australian Citizens to legally purchase nicotine is by purchasing from overseas sellers (maximum 3 month supply at a time).
We have partnered up with Mixology in New Zealand for all your unflavoured nicotine requirements. Click on this link Unflavoured Nicotine to link directly Mixology website. See our Nicotine Info page for more details.


Warranty & Return:

No return or refund on any liquids.



VapeOz does not distribute juice with nicotine from inside Australia
Australian law prohibits the sale of liquid nicotine (e-liquid) from within Australia.

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All Melon, American Patriots, Azul Berries, Banana / Go Nanas, Euro Gold, Lava Flow, Lemon / Green Lemon, Hawaiian Pog, Mango / Amazing Mango, Maui Sun, Melon Kiwi / Green Blast, Peach / Peachy Peach, Pineapple Berry / Berry Lush, Really Berry, Straw Lime, Strawberry / Triple Strawberry, Strawberry Cream / Naked Unicorn, Strawberry POM / Brain Freeze, Polar Breeze / Melon


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