Smok Novo 4 Empty Pods are a three-pack of replacement pods (without coils) for the SMOK Novo 4 Pod Vape Kit. Novo 4 Pods are compatible with the Smok LP1 Coils, providing a leak-resistant vaping experience with the three coil o-rings keeping the flavour and e-liquid in and airflow tight.

Please note: You cannot use Novo 4 Pods in the Novo 2, Novo 2S or Novo X Pod Kits.

Features and Specs: 

2mL e-juice capacity
simple coil change via the bottom of the pod (make sure coil is in line with the bottom of the pod when installed)
fixed mouth piece matching the curvature of your lips for comfort
filling from the side of the pod, under a silicone seal.
Vape juice capacity: 2mL
Compatible with SMOK LP1 Coils
Suit the SMOK Novo 4 Pod Mod Vape Kit
Fixed mouth piece

In the Box:

3 x SMOK Novo 4 Empty Pods (no coils)