Intorducing the Vision Spinner II Battery. The Vision Spinner family needs no introduction and the upgraded v2 is now even better, with a 1600mah battery. 

Equipped with a newly designed body and upgraded battery cells and PCB, the Vision Spinner II now has an amazing 1600mAh capacity.

Mostly used with 510 cartridges, as the Vision Spinner has adjustable voltage 3.3-4.8v range. 

5 quick clicks to turn on, and same to turn it off. 

Vision have upgraded the base turn dial of these units, adding in a cross indent to make the adjustage voltage easier to turn, the fire button is much more responsive – and the battery lasts 3 times as long as the original Vision spinner!

Feautres and Specs: 

  • 1600mAh Capacity
  • Upgraded PCB for better reliability
  • Ergonomic Spin Dial for Voltage Adjustment
  • 4 voltage locking positions
  • Power Indicator LED – White (60-100% charge left), Blue(30-60%),Orange (0-30%)
  • Short Circuit Protection built in
  • 510 threaded connetion
  • 124.5mm Length
  • 16.5mm Diameter

Note: Charger is not included, sold seperatley. 

Compatible Charger:

USB Charger Lead