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Wotofo Wire Prebuilt Spool


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Wotofo Wire Prebuilt Spool

Wotofo Wire Prebuilt Spool. Wotofo produces prebuilt wire spools to help the vapers who enjoy building coils.Wotofo believes that vaping is all about freedom.This freedom starts with building own coil. Wotofo offers thirteen different types of coil wires to choose from. All spools contain 20 feet of quality wire.This new line of quality wires are the same with our popular prebuilt coil series wires. With the prebuilt coil series getting tons of positive feedback, demand of the wires keeps rising among vapers who prefers to wrap coils all by themselves. Now there you have it! High in quality, able to be configured to the most complex coil builds, perfect for delivering massive vapor production without sacrificing the flavour.
Wire comes on its own spool as pictured.


Wotofo Wire Options Features & Specs:


Braided Wire
Braided wire allows the vaper to enjoy a superb flavor. Wotofo offers Nichrome 80 braided wires that allow the vapor to build the coils with ease.

Inner Core: 0.3×0.6
Outer Wire: 40Gx32


Dual Core Fused Clapton Wire 26*2+36
A thin gauge wire wraps around two cores of a thick gauge to make a Dual Core Fused Clapton wire. Multi wraps allow the Dual Core Fused Clapton Coil to give a better ramp up time with a high-quality flavor delivery. Wotofo offers Nichrome 80 Wotofo dual core fused Clapton wires.

Inner Core: 26Gx2
Outer Wire: 36G


Framed Staple Clapton Wire
A cross between fused Clapton and Staple coil is the Framed Staple Clapton wire. A round wire surrounds a stacked ribbon to form a framed staple wire.

Inner Core: 28G+38Gx9+28G
Outer Core: 36G


Fused Clapton Wire
Thin gauge wire around two or more thick cores produce a fused Clapton wire.

Inner Core: 26G
Outer Wire: 38G


Juggernaut Wire
The Juggernaut wire is one of the most durable wires available for vaping. It produces a great flavour. This N80 Wotofo juggernaut wire spool includes the following specification.

Inner Core: (26G+36G) x2
Outer Wire: 0.1mm x 0.4mm


Quad-Core Fused Clapton Wire
There are four thick gauge wires bound by a thin gauge wire. Uses Nichrome 80 to build the quad core fused Clapton wire.

Inner Core: 28Gx4
Outer Wire: 36G


Tri-Core Fused Clapton Wire
In the tri core fused Clapton wire, three thick gauge wires get wrapped around with a thin wire. Wotofo offers Nichrome 80 Triple Core Fused Clapton wire.

Inner Core: 26Gx3
Outer Wire: 38G


In the box:

Wotofo Wire Prebuilt Spool



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Braided, Dual Core Fused Clapton, Framed Staple Clapton, Fused Clapton, Juggernaut, Quad-Core Fused Clapton, Tri-Core Fused Clapton


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