WS23 Cooling Agent


WS23 Cooling Agent

WS23 Cooling Agent – Super concentrated cooling agent is a special solution giving you fresh and cool-biting experience without Menthol’s slightly bitter kick. It doesn’t overpower your original E-liquid flavour and just offers cooling sensation comfortable on the inhale and easy on the exhale.
Please Note: This is not your cheap 30% concentration it is super concentrate see table below.
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Features & Specs:

Certified Food Grade Solution used in making Chewing Gums, Candies and Beverages among others.
Maintains freshness in the mouth after use.
Highly concentrated. Less amount needed but gives powerful effect.
It does not change the flavor of the E-liquid whenever added.
It does not have any spicy or bitter taste similar to Menthol patches.
It does not contain Nicotine and is not addictive.


Mixing Specs:
FOR SMALL DEVICESStick / EGO and CE series10ML30ML60ML100ML
Low Concentration (2%):Cool Freshness0.2ML0.6ML1.2ML2ML
Neutral Concentration (4%):Ice-cold Experience0.4ML1.2ML2.4ML4ML
High Concentration (6%):Winter Blast0.6ML1.8ML3.6ML6ML


Low Concentration (0.5%):Cool Freshness0.05ML0.15ML0.3ML0.5ML
Neutral Concentration (1.0%):Ice-cold Experience0.1ML0.3ML0.6ML1ML
High Concentration (1.5%):Winter Blast0.15ML0.45ML0.9ML1.5ML

Use by adding it to your Pre-mixed E-liquids or to your DIY Solutions.
Use according to preference or by following the 2% to 6% Concentration / Mixing Matrix.
One to two droplets of the Cooling Agent can make any of your E-liquids an Iced or Mentholated version.


Please Read before use:

Pure and Concentrated. Dilution is required
Food Grade but NOT for direct consumption.
Do NOT eat or drink. Avoid contact with eyes
Keep cap lids close at all times and store properly.
Wash hands after use. Mix with care and caution.
Combustible. Keep away from extreme hot temperature


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Dimensions5.2 × 3.2 × 5.2 cm

Black, Blue, Red, White

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