The All Ever-Growing And Popular Uwell Kits

Uwell KitsUwell, also known as the Shenzhen Uwell Technology Co. is a vaping brand founded in 2015 by a group of Chinese engineers. Since then, it has ridden the vaping wave and grown tremendously, building its product portfolio from the ground up. In 2016, the company expanded its core R&D department to improve its product lines and sales service system. And in 2017, it introduced a range of electronic atomisation systems products. In 2018, it was officially recognised as National High-Tech Enterprise and Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise.

Uwell focuses its brand efforts on three things:

High-quality manufacturing
Strict quality control systems
Innovative vape technology

Thanks to its approach, it now transcends national boundaries, selling all over the world. The brand continues to push the frontiers of what’s possible with electronic cigarettes and believes that it can offer its customers a better quality of life.

Caliburn Pods

Caliburn pods are perhaps Uwell’s most famous products. The brand launched the first iteration in 2019 and now offers four products carrying the Caliburn moniker: Caliburn, Caliburn G, Caliburn KOKO and Caliburn KOKO Prime. It has sold them across 65 countries via more than 20,000 distributors.

The original Caliburn offers:

  • A fire button
  • Micro USB port for charging
  • 520mAh battery with max. 11 W
  • Refillable 2 ml e-liquid pod
  • LED indicator light

The Caliburn G builds on the Caliburn by offering users more options in addition to the basic spec. This product offers:

Two airflow options – one a loose, airy draw, and the other more restricted
5 clicks to lock and unlock
Direct or button vape options

The Caliburn KOKO (which stands for “keep on keeping on”) is a different shape from the other two options. It features:

  • A refillable pod with 2 ml e-liquid capacity
  • Drop tip
  • 520mAh battery with 11 W max output
  • LED indicator light
  • Top fill design to reduce leakage

Lastly, the Caliburn KOKO Prime builds on the regular Caliburn KOKO. It comes in six colours, offers customisable decorative panels, and attaches to a lanyard for ease of use.


Uwell also offers a range of pod-based devices that go by the name Valyrian.

The Valyrian is an attractive pod system that comes in three colours: gold, metallic green and black. Each option gives the device a luxury, upmarket look.

The standard Valyrian Pod offers:

  • 3 ml capacity refillable pod
  • 0.6/1.0-Ohm coil resistance
  • Airflow valve
  • Fire putton
  • Large 1250mAh battery with 25 W max output
  • Sliding top filling method with silicone fill port to prevent leaking
  • Replaceable coils
  • Adjustable airflow for a smoother or tighter draw

The Valyrian SE is among the most sophisticated products in Uwell’s lineup. It offers:

  1. Intricately designed full aluminium body
  2. 25 W max battery output
  3. 1250 mAh battery capacity for all day use
  4. 0.6/1.0-Ohm coil resistance
  5. Fire button
  6. USB type-C port
  7. Sliding top cap
  8. 3 ml FDA or 2 ml TPF pod
  9. Airflow valve
  10. Drip tip

Uwell continues to innovate. In 2020, its annual sales exceeded 1 billion RMB. There is a whole range of Uwell Vapes and kits we offer from our online Uwell Vape shop in Australia that you can choose from. We are sure with the fine choice of Uwell kits available, you will find a vape to your liking, especially when you combine it with our choice of Vapour flavours listed below :

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